Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sugar Peas 2

Sugar Peas Size 2 ( you can differentiate the sizes by the coloured lining of CD). This is an open view of Sugar Peas 2. Needs to be pre-washed thrice to rid of lint, hand wash method is acceptable.

Sugar Peas 2 has 6 layers all together, you may place a doubler beneath the folded layers to add absorbency.

Notice this actually transform a size 2 to size 1...

After folding into the right position, a flip of the cloth makes this diaper a size smaller ( Avigail is 10 months and 8.4kg at this time)....

So, instead of having 2 rows of snaps, there is only 1 row left and...

and a flip of the thumb, just fold the 1st row of snaps back.

It should look like this....

This is Sugar Peas size 2 and adjustable to make it smaller for younger / smaller/ slimmer babies. Just follow the flip of the thumb. Don't forget your diaper cover too...

Jamtos- Eezi fold Size 2

This is an open view of Jamtots Eezi Fold Size 2, this diaper needs to be pre-washed at least thrice to season ( these was a term used for jeans) it or to remove lint .

For the first wash, do not wash together with other CD otherwise you'll have lint all over your CD's . This CD can be hand wash or you can stuff the newly Eezi fold in a washing net that has closer hole netting e.g the laundry net from Varnish detergent..

Notice the sides that has been folded in the centre to increase absorbency, it has 6 layers of hemp fleece altogether.

Jamtots Eezi fold has a pocket to add more insert for night time or heavy wetter. It measures up from the tip of the hand to just before the elbow.

You may use GAD hemp insert or any other hemp insert, I use Jamtots OS hemp fleece insert for it's trimness , absorbs very well too.

It can be secured with safety pins or snappis. The outer layer of this CD is hemp, so, there's no worries about having a run in your CD as it works well with Snappis. Don't forget to use a diaper cover. You'd be surprise by it's trimness :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Diapers Go Green

Together we save our environment and plead that OUR government will support our effort and hardwork...I believe if all the CD e-store in Malaysia will make an impact!! Times magazine has supported US!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Coming soon

Jamtots hemp fitted and Sugar Peas !!

Sugar Peas innovative 2 Size Diaper concept was developed to improve the fit of the one sized diapers that were too bulky on a newborn and too small on many toddlers. Buying 2 sets of diapers is far more economical than many systems that offer 5 or more different sizes from newborn through potty training.

These 2 Size diapers have lots of snaps for ultimate adjustability as well as 2 rise settings. When using the smaller rise setting, simple flip the front pod over the first row of snaps which will hide them completely and then fold down towards the inside of the diaper.


Eezi-fold Organic Hemp Fitted Diapers by JamTots
NEW AND IMPROVED design--now partially turned and topstitched!!
It also has a pocket at the back that you can use to add extra absorbency for night time!

Hemp is simply the best natural fabric for cloth diapers. It is more absorbent than cotton fabrics of the same weight and contains natural antibacterial properties that help reduce diaper rash. The hemp plant also requires less pesticide use during growth which reduces its overall impact on the environment.