Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How i do it

For those who have concern about washing their cloth diapers, whether it be 3 or 4 pieces..more or less...

When I first started Cloth diapering Avi, I started out with 1 dozen of flat nappies which i sewn into prefolds, some diaper covers I purchased locally and online e-store, and just 5 pieces of pocket diaper with 6-8 microfiber inserts. For the first 2-4 months, I washed all my CD's together with Avi's clothing ( no harm in that). I washed every morning cos she'll soil her diaper almost all the time ( breastfed ), I've been using 1 particular detergent and up till now, I'm still fine with it.

As she grows into month 4, I've gained more knowledge about CD's and so I started purchasing different types of CD from local and int'l online store to test their functions and whether it suits our lifestyle in M'sia.

Basically, now that Avi has around 30 pieces of CD, 2 large wetbags to store her used CD, 1 travelling wetbag. It is more convenient that she has more cos now I can do the laundry and water usage will be lesser. I wash every 2 nights and separate it with her clothings. It is more economical that way. So, if anyone out there is still figuring out how to wash cloth's best that you build up your stash slowly and in the long run ( mine was short of course) it actually saves money / water / detergent & time ( no more foldings to do). Plus, you are doing great for our environment too!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Avi CD stash 2

imse vimse organic , small setting.

I believe that Avi's cloth diaper is a lil bit too much but i always seem to run out of CD. Be it rainy or sunny favourite CD's are fitted and OS pocket. Our first cloth diaper were Drybees pocket & Drybees AIO, then some freshbots & bummis diaper cover, that's was when we finally decided that we were gonna stick to CD for a long time. Our passion grew and soon begin ordering CD from US. We ended up having more than enough. We finally open up an e-store based in KK for local moms to have the chance to experience the goodness of CD.

TT OS elite pocket diaper/ lilac/ medium setting.

I do get some comments like ' what cloth diaper are you using? flat nappies?' , ' How do you wash of the poo?' , ' Isn't it expensive?', ' do you have all the time to do laundry/ fold cloth diapers?' , okay , there were lots more but i do see a good side to it, I can actually explain and show that I care for the environment, let my child wear cloth instead of disposable diaper, and show them that i don't sigh or groan whenever I put a fresh CD on my child and in 5 minutes , when she poo..i don't worry about throwing the dispo diaper away, i just rinse of her poo ( still breastfeeding) and put a fresh new CD on worries, I've travelled long journey 5 hours from KK- KLIA - Muar, or from KK to Tamparuli/ Papar ) and do experience her poo in the journey, well, I just remove the soiled CD and put it in a wet bag, when i reached home, i just wash it off, okay now you might even say, "isn't stinky?", it smells , yes, whose doesn't?

I do experience stinky pocket diaper due to detergent built up, what I do is, 1st I rinse and let it soak with Sodium Bicarbonate then rinse with distilled vinegar to neutralize the alkaline (in a basin). Sometimes i don't use vinegar just Dettol to disinfect and rinse with extra water to rid of smell, for the final rinse, and depending on how much CD i've wash, i use rinse and spin on the washing machine setting I usually do this routine in the evening and line dry. It dries quickly the next day under hot sun. Never bleach your microfiber insert, it will only cause it to repel water ( i've experimented it) and if you however did that...rinse with loads of clean water. Some e-store do have special detergent to wash CD and if that suits you, it would be great. I'm just using ordinary detergent without softener / whitener , bleach/ clorox or fragrance ( fragrance add more smell to CD), i won't advertise the detergent here...LOL!!

It's strange that strange odour only happens to pocket diaper and not fitted ...i guess because fitted doesn't have fleece. But whatever it is, proper care is needed for cloth diaper. Well, whatever, i am proud to be cloth diapering my child and even more proud that i am not adding garbage every weekend. Happy cloth diapering!!

Avi CD stash

6 months in tiny tush trim os orange snap, medium setting.

tt trim organic in medium setting.

tt orginal toddler. Small setting.

Kushies baby basic (infant) .