Monday, December 10, 2007

Cloth diaper wash for fitted, PUL , diaper cover

Usually I'll do my laundry at night but this day was an exceptionally bright, very hot sunny day...and it helps me in my new project to snap some photos...I hope this will help some apartment dwellers mom who uses cloth diaper (CD) , the tips are..wash your CD's at night, it will help the drying time more quickly the following morning well unless if it rain :p ...some apartments don't have enough air circulation, so this might not work otherwise your CD's will have a weird smell.

For soiled CD cause by runny poop or solid poop, remember to rinse of the CD before throwing into the dry can flush the poop down the toilet bowl, then you can use a dish washing liquid detergent to rinse/wash off the stain...doesn't have to be squeaky clean long as there's no more visible poop on you CD..( i couldn't imagine posting up graphic images here...)

This is Avi's 3 days and 2 nights of CD's, I keep the used/soiled CD in a wetbag/dry pail . For this, I am using a large water circle for the detergent whether liquid or powder to rotate equally and recommended by other moms too. Some machine have pre-wash, I use pre-wash/speedy soak ( washing machine is top load ,LG 6.5 kg. No..i'm not asking you to get a new washing machine, just to let the idea of how large is large..)

6-15 pieces of CD, (2 days 1 night of CD usage), less than a quarter of detergent. Medium water setting under normal wash.

8-12 pieces of CD, less than a quarter of detergent. Medium water setting on pre-wash/speedy soak and later normal wash to rinse off soapy water or any other residue.

15- 25 pieces of CD, ( 3 days 2 nights), quarter measurement of detergent, Large water setting on pre-wash/speedy soak and automatically on normal wash. (picture shown above arev15-25 pieces of CD ).

..again..this is up to you preferences...

Rinse the measuring lid thoroughly :) detergent comes costly nowadays...

Line dry my PUL's and microfiber insert. Notice that PUL pocket diaper are hung facing towards the sun ( natural bleach) and my fitteds are dried flat..don't forget to flat dry your wool covers as well....Building in front is my eldest DD convenient to live 5 minutes away...can wake up late most of the time..LOL...

This is how I do my CD laundry. You may find one that suit your lifestyle...this is just a tip from me..:) Happy Diapering naturally...

Wool Wash and etc...

Wool wash from Sheepish Grin ( will used Northern Essence wool wash when it arrives d: )

Water turns murky once it's washed..wool covers should be soaked approximately 30 mins..(in my case...i fell asleep while BF DD to sleep and it went as long as an hour...( honestly admitting it)..

The wool covers are in between the towel...i roll and unroll it loosely like a swiss roll too....(hungry again..)

Here is my swaddlebees merino (large) & Loveybums interlock cover (Medium)..waiting to dry up ..

Will post my lanolizing tip from Pam of Loveybums soon...

FYI- I usually do my washing at night, so it can dry up faster the next following day. Also depending on the unpredictable weather in KK...

Loveybums , wool cover, sherpa fitted, organic cotton,

Loveybums organic velour in natural .

Organic velour in natural colour.

Velour fabric ( can be organic or non organic).

Organic Velour fabric used as a snap in insert for Loveybums organic cotton.

Sherpa fabric close up ( sherpa fabric comes in a variety of colours).

Close up of Sherpa fabric (Periwinkle) .

Loveybums organic cotton fitted diaper.

Loveybums organic cotton natural colour (large size / top ) & Loveybums wool jersey cover aquamarine ( Large size / bottom).

Loveybums wool jersey cover/ buttoned up ( aquamarine).

Loveybums wool jersey ( aquamarine )...adjustable snaps :)

Loveybums wool jersey ( aquamarine )...adjustable snaps :)

Loveybums wool interlock ( Teal).

Loveybums wool jersey periwinkle (medium/bottom)& organic diaper natural ( medium/top).

Loveybums wool interlock teal (Large/bottom) & Sherpa periwinkle ( Large/top).

Loveybums organic diaper natural ( Large/ bottom) & organic diaper natural (Medium/top).
Loveybums sherpa periwinkle ( Large/ bottom) & sherpa aqua ( medium / top). Both with snap in insert. (notice the natural coloured showing out).

Loveybums wool interlock cover in teal ( mainly used for night ).

Compare the size with an All Day wahmies wetbag to Loveybums wool jersey cover. Aquamarine large (bottom), Periwinkle medium (top).

I've made these graphic detail for an easy view of Loveybums cover and fitted are. And also because it gives a better understanding to all parents out there. hope these graphic might help.