Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bottombumpers embroidery AIO

Look at what's coming real soon...( i hope!!) aren't these cd's adorable??....Stacy is trying her best to finish the last touch ups and bonding with her NB girl too...i hope i didn't rush her....but, i can 't wait too....

ooh..3 cd's are already taken...Charish your cd's are ready : lower cd's hearts and i love daddy.
ooh..and that's mine in black...LOL...see..told you i can't wait myself :p

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've recently found something as interesting as cloth diaper ( cd's) yupp, you heard it right..it's called Bokashi and you can read it more from a local blogger , bokashi nz , bokashi au . We are residing in an apartment and i was planning to get a set for my mom as she has been using kitchen waste for her plants for as long as i can remember...it's been around for years but not really exposed in KK..so this is great news people!!

I am so glad that i could do something about my kitchen waste too...i'm wondering if i can freeze my kitchen waste and drive over to my parents place and maybe it's a good experiment too....:)

i can't wait to get it next week..only rm100 for the bokashi and bucket. I really hope this will make a great impact for other good people to help spread the word..good news must be spread like wildfire !!

Special thanks to bokashi nz, bokashi composting au and helen of KK

Drool over these CD's

I think I have sufficient Cd's that would last at least 2 days of laundering...and browsing through USA and local e-store are my main weaknesses...drooling over new patterns, design, though they all work the same..( to absorb wetness) the question is..how much can it absorb and do i really need more CD's? As the owner of an online store..the excuse to try and test several varieties of CD's are necessary to experience and also helps to answer some q's ask by other new testers.

I should say I am eyeing these custom CD's since...( Only he knows when 0_0 )...i've always missed it's items..i think by the time i woke up, and checked my e-mails..these cd's are already sold out...and i don't want to sacrifice my beauty sleep for these.

I'm a fan of One Sized, Pockets, fitted cd's...with so many choices out there , I only need to find what's suitable for our lifestyle..like drying time, does it need lots of TLC? cos i surely will have no or less time for TLC...

And i've recently found out that Jamtots hemp insert absorbs way more than a 2 or 3 ply microfibre insert..now..if it's first used as a prefold and later it can be used as an insert, just fold 3 layers and it's done :)

For those who would like to try their sewing skills, you can check it out at diapersewing.com . It has the basic skills and we only need to find raw material for th eproject..( i am yet to get a sewing machine, not now or in the near future..as my spare room is full of CD's...).

And who knows...one fine day, we'll have a country filled with WAH mamas to satisfy our diapering needs

Sunday, April 13, 2008


MALA-TAN $24.99

Lycra Spandex

Top and Bikini Bottoms

Great with a pair of surf shorts too

Built in bra - Simple Snap for Accessibility

Available Colours: BLACK - PERIWINKLE

Available in: S M L and XL

In brief, our items are made from top quality cotton/spandex & are sized appropriately. Please keep in mind when deciding on a size, that Mamalama Wear sizing is accurate--in other words, a size SMALL is really a small - NOT an EX-SMALL. We do not follow the new sizing trends and design our clothing to fit a teenager's body--we fit women.











Friday, April 11, 2008

Cloth Diapering continued

Tiny Tush OS organic fitted with bummis cover(Aug 07)

I've slowly build up my stash after considering our needs, weather, function, and spending more on CD's...yes..the weather does play an important part as well...after experiencing almost NIL CD during rainy weather, we decided to add more and this also makes washing easier as i do no have to wash the CD's every day, instead laundering can be done after 2 days and it definitely helps in reducing the amount of water usage and detergent too.

One size bumgenius 2.0(Aug 07)
This playmate is sure handy whenever we travel back to visit a relative house. Just bring the necessary toys and pack in this folded playmate cum basket.

Fuzzi Bunz Medium(Jan 08)
Baby Couture diaper bag can be bought online in M'sia:)

Wool cover by loveybums(Feb 08)
Wool cover are easy to maintain , not much laundering needed..just air dry in between changes or overnight..or if it gets really damp....washing with wool wash every 4-6 weeks is all it needs..and lanolizing whenever it leaks...and wash if it gets soiled by runny poop :p..works best for night

Drybees polka(Jan 08)
One of my emergency pocket cd....got it from another local e-store :).

How green am I???

Your Life is 72% Green

You live a very green life, and you're aware of how your actions help the earth.

Of course, it's hard to be totally green. But when you make a tradeoff, you know why you're making it.

oh well...i should do better....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's been a year

1 week young in Drybees...my 1st purchase before i opened my own e-store :)

How proud i am to say that i have clothed diapered Avigail for a year now...make it a year and 2 weeks...
Times fly so fast so they say....and my collection of cd's have come and go...tried and tested a few brands...and now trying for more..it's not really addict..but more of.."will it function well? does it works well with our weather or lifestyles e.g drying , washing, and care for cd's ?"...i know what fits us and what doesn't fit us..so..and introducing new cd's in KK market is not easy unless it's tried and tested...:)
Almost a month old here

And living in an apartment is another matter..as most dwellers do not have direct access to sunlight in the daytime....all this comes into mind when purchasing CD's...we need to consider drying time....and what if it rains for 4 days straight??

Diaper cover with nappy a.k.a lampin