Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby leathered soft sole shoe

Recently i've purchased some shoe for my DD and added a few other design. So here are 2 shoes available at the moment. Please email me at mirandalia@babytotsandmom.com to order.

(MYR 58.90)

Colour: Purple
Design: Sport Shoe design
Material: 100% leather ( washable)
Sole: PU anti slip sole
Condition: New
Size: 14 cm lenght / US size 5/ EU size 20
Quantity: 1 pair

(MYR 58.90)

Colour: White
Design: Peace Logo Design
Material:Material: 100% leather ( washable)
Sole: PU anti slip sole
Condition: New
Size: 12.5 cm lenght / US size 4/ EU size 19
Quantity: 1 pair

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pictures of your cuties wanted!!

For those Bottombumpers babies...Grab this opportunity from Stacy (owner of Bottombumpers) your baby might be the lucky one!!! click on you camera..

Things sure have been changing around her for awhile. And with those changes comes a website overhaul. I am making a gallery of babies in our diapers to go with the new site. I would love to have your pictures of your babies in our AIOs and fitteds. If we get some really great professional uncluttered pics we might just feature your cutie on our front page! If you see your cutie there, email us and we will send you a free diaper! Please note that by sending the picture to us, you are giving us permission to use the picture for our business however we would like *which might include using it for our brochures, banners, graphics, etc. We will watermark your pictures with our business name.

We appreciate your support and business!
Thanks, Stacy

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bottombumpers AIO delay

firstly , i would like to apologize for my customer who have to wait long for these CD's. It was sent out from the States on May 2nd and yet to arrive. It is MIA and nowhere to be found....
I have e-mailed to my respective customerand explained the situation too.

Will announce the next order in future.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cattail Fluff wipes 6x8 / 8x8 coming soon

Cattail fluff 8x8 flannel with matching velour MYR6

M- Bugsie Mugsie
N- Pastel Stripes
O- Retro Flowers
P- Princess and Castle
Q- Colourful Tortoise
R- Crown And Queen
S- Flower Power
T- Light Blue Camo
U- Cloudy Butterfly
V- Dino Cartoon
W- Cars Everywhere
X- Winged Fairy

Cattail fluff 6x8 flannel with matching sherpa MYR4.50

1a- Beary Nursery
2a- Princess And Castle
3a- Butterfly in pink
4a- Bugs in Circles
5a- Cars in Yellows
6a- Cars Everywhere
7a- T-Rex
8a- Bugsie
9a- Heart Patches
2b- Butterfly Rainbow
3b- Catterpillar and Ants
4b- Ship Ahoy

Friday, June 6, 2008

Lampin turned prefold 1 2 3..

Malaysia is well known for it's dozen of lampin/ nappy for their NB.
here are step by step tips from me and inspired by SR of miabambina who insisted that i used my 2 dozens of lampins to good use...and of course some mom out there who needs some guidance on how to fold and sew it...sorry for the delay.... i go bercuti bah....

You can use any brand of lampin available out there but do remember that the thicker your lampin are the longer it takes time to dry. so i choose a bit loose fabric so it will dry faster ...i thought so too...
1. Fold the lampin to half or in a rectangular shape..

2.Take a quarter of the left end or right..(which ever side..i'm a lefty) and bring it to the other quarter centre. assuming that you can visualize into 3 quarters..

3.After folding in the other corner too..the centre of the lampin should be thick as it is use as added absorber...

4. This is how many layers it should have in the centre...6 layers in the centre and 4 layers on each side. Then sew along the borders where the centre meets...or you can sew whichever suits you..

5. ta daaa...sew the completed lampin/ prefold....oh..it took me only 2 hrs to sew 1 1/2 dzn lampin ...with my mom's old singer sewing machine...

this is very useful as an insert for your pocket cd's if you feel the available microfibre inserts too bulky...
pros...saves times foldong into triangles, can be folded 2 ways in length , good as burp clothes, stain easily removed

cons...super lambat kering at the centre, will not last more than 2 hours unless you add a booster and paired with pocket cd's.

well....thanks ...i hope i've describe it well ....do correct me for any mistakes made..